About The Classes

We currently offer a four-year certificate program. Each year consists of 8 courses. Upon completion of each year, students will receive a certificate recognizing their accomplishments.

Each year offers both live lectures via video conference, as well as recorded lectures. Students can expect to attend online classes Tuesday evenings at 7pm. Classes will run until approximately 8:30pm.


Principles of Prayer

The Holy Spirit

Romans verse by verse

Principles of Faith

The Gifts of the Spirit

The Fruit of the Spirit

Developing Disciples

Kingdom Principles


Bible Doctrine

Book of Hebrews

Angels & Demons

The Blood Covenant

Book of Ephesians

Foundations of Leadership

Missions and Evangelism

Old Testament 1


Disciples of the End Times

World Religions

Synopsis of the Gospels

Discipline in the Church

Discovering Your Calling and Gifts

Old Testament 2

Prophetic Ministry

The Early Church

Year 4

Excellence of Ministry

Biblical Worldview

Hebrew & Greek 

Submission and Authority

Walking in the Spirit

Prophets of the Old Testament

Words and Works of Jesus

Tabernacle of Moses

** Courses are subject to change